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Sense Financial Solutions - Our Team

The Team at Sense Financial Solutions

Everyone at Sense is experienced, knowledgeable and appropriately qualified to help you make the most of your financial planning.  Our advisers are supported by a team of practice managers and paraplanners, to relieve the administrative burden, but clients can always contact their adviser via telephone or email if there is a particular matter of concern.

Karl Guadagnini - Financial Planner / Director - Tel. 01858 434419

Karl believes that both he and his colleagues at Sense are perfectly placed to provide clear advice from the whole of the marketplace to match whatever their financial needs are. Having over 25 years experience within the industry, Karl acknowledges that this is key advantage for both existing and new clients of Sense because there is no requirement just to advise on one, or a group of companies products.  No client’s circumstances are the same, so their plan and the advice they receive is unique to their own needs and circumstances. 

Karl believes that stock markets don’t perform well or badly, the key is ensuring that you know what can happen and be ready for any eventuality.


Nick Manders - Financial Planner / Director - Tel. 07753 774673

Nick prides himself on building long lasting client relationships. His aim is always to provide clients with tailored solutions as part of their overall financial plan, whether personal or business.

Nick is also the company's Compliance Director and with over 25 years’ experience. He will always be able to help clients achieve their financial aims, objectives and dreams.

Nick’s raison d’etre is to ensure his clients are in a well-informed position, while liaising with other professionals, accountants and solicitors to make sure all the right expertise is offered at the right time.

The company name “Sense” was chosen as we wanted to offer sensible, understandable advice… this ethos is very true today – Nick tries to emphasise this whenever possible.  

Neil Marshall - Financial Planner / Director - Tel. 07802 637178

Neil has worked within financial services for almost 30 years and  prides himself on building long lasting client relationships. Many of his clients have been working with him for over 20 years. Neil offers a full range of financial advice including wealth creation, retirement planning, and estate and tax planning. His aim is to provide clients with a service they value and deliver it at a suitable pace to ensure they fully understand what fits where in terms of their overall financial plan, after all, you need to be sure that "it makes sense”.

 "You may well believe this industry is about over complicated and boring pension and investment plans. My belief is a little different, it's all about people and helping to make the most of their finances, be they large or small, so that they can see the positive impact financial advice can make. That is the reason why my clients continue to work with me over the long term”.

Shirley Burns - Financial Planner - Tel. 0115 966 5767

Our specialist Later Life adviser is Shirley Burns. As well as holding the Diploma in Financial Planning, Shirley is a member of the Retirement and Care Faculty and holds specialist qualifications in Equity Release and Long Term Care. She is also a member of the Society of Later Life Advisors.

Shirley's experience in working with families, at highly emotional and stressful times in their lives, has led her to develop a much deeper appreciation of their needs offering empathy and sensitivity. She prides herself in the level of personal service she is able to offer her clients and works to a professional code of conduct.




Wayne Godwin - Financial Planner - Tel. 07753 774657

Wayne began his financial services career with Prudential in 1987,  collecting insurance premiums on a monthly basis as the ‘Man from the Pru’.  In the 30 years since, Wayne has dealt with a wide range of clients with varying financial needs, from the typical insurance based plans through to the more complex investment, retirement and trust structured contracts.

Wayne believes that it is those early days of working for the Prudential and that regular client contact with clients that has helped develop his excellent interpersonal, communication and ongoing consumer relationship skills.

Wayne offers all aspects of financial planning. His main focus is offering specialist pensions advice in the pre and post retirement sector. Pensions can be a minefield to navigate and, with the introduction of "pensions freedom" in April 2015, Wayne very much believes that clients should be given every opportunity to have the best possible advice in this area, to not fall foul of paying tax unnecessarily and to also ensure that a person’s accumulated wealth is passed down through the generations.




David Murden - Financial Planner - Tel. 07738 120593

David prides himself on building long lasting client relationships. His aim is always to provide clients with tailored solutions as part of their overall financial plan, whether personal or business, by using Sense’s six step financial planning process with a promise that he will always be to help clients to achieve their financial aims, objectives and dreams.

With over twenty years experience in financial services, David can offer a full range of financial advice including wealth creation, retirement planning and provision, business continuity and succession planning, estate and tax planning, family protection, private medical insurance, property portfolio advice and general insurance. He can arrange with colleagues for clients to have the best mortgage deals available and ensure that they have appropriate wills and lasting powers of attorney in place.

David offers a friendly, approachable service, with emphasis on the long term nature of financial planning.

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser David Murden, Nottingham

Justin Stockdale - Financial Planner - Tel. 07817 618823

Justin is a specialist adviser in pension planning for both private and corporate clients and holds advanced pension qualifications. He is also expert in building and managing investment portfolios, mitigating inheritance tax and, additionally, he can arrange with colleagues for clients to have the best mortgage deals available and ensure that they have appropriate wills and lasting powers of attorney in place.

With a background in investment banking, Justin moved into personal finance over ten years ago. Now based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, he has built up a diverse client base across the East Midlands region, from private individuals to small businesses and business owners.



Simon J Welch - Financial Planner - Tel. 07970 936709

Simon has been providing financial planning advice to clients since 1992 and has accumulated a wealth of experience.

Trained by Acuma, the fee-based financial planning arm of American Express, Simon is an advocate of lifetime financial planning which is the process of helping you identify and achieve your goals and aspirations. Cash flow plans are the financial equivalent of a pilot plotting a course on a map. These plots will always require small, or significant, adjustments along the journey but the aeroplane will generally only arrive at its destination because of the systems and pilot. As a financial planner using leading financial planning software, it is my job to get our clients to their destination.

"If you dont know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else." Dr PJ Lawrence.

Simon works in a very relaxed manner and is renown for speaking in 'plain English' to clients and his reliability has enabled him to forge long term relationships with many clients.

Russel Ward - Mortgage Consultant - Tel. 07753 774670

Russel has been providing mortgage and insurance advice to clients for many years and aims to build long term relationships by giving straight forward easy to follow solutions to client needs. He can offer help to first time buyers, home movers and anyone wishing to remortgage.

Russel can also advise on the buy to let market, to either new landlords or portfolio landlords, as well as helping the self employed, who may sometimes find it difficult to obtain a loan. Russel prides himself on 'holding hands' and being available to answer any queries promptly to guide clients through the house buying process by making it as stress free as possible from application to completion.

Corrina Parker - Paraplanner

Corrina has been working in the industry for almost 20 years, starting out as a loans underwriter and later sitting various exams to become a qualified mortgage adviser and paraplanner.

Corrina's role is to support advisers with researching and recommending solutions to clients and her industry experience has given her a detailed knowledge of the whole advice process from the initial meeting with a client to writing the final technical recommendation report.

Corrina has always approached her work with integrity and discretion and has previously undertaken work for various famous sportspersons. She aims to see things from the client’s point of view, to fully understand their objectives and to help them  achieve their financial goals. 

Zena Louth - Administration

With an entire career of over 25 years spent in financial services, Zena has worked for both providers and IFAs, supporting the sales and advice process. Since joining Sense in 2011 as a practice manager, she has been the first  point of contact for many clients, not only for general enquiries but as a helpful guide through the investment process.  

Customer focus and efficient service is Zena’s aim for all clients. 


Kathryn Manders - Administration

Kathryn joined Sense in 2010 to manage the Treating Customers Fairly programme and since then her role has expanded to include supporting the compliance process.

Kathryn believes that the client always comes first and that ensuring that this happens reinforces the strong positive ethics which form the foundations of Sense and which are paramount to the success of the company.  


Andrea Marshall - Administration

Andrea joined the company as a practice manager in 2010. She plays a vital role in keeping our business systems and administration running to a high and efficient standard and has proved herself to be an integral part of our team.