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Holistic PlanningOur Lifetime Financial Planning service offers a full financial review including an holistic assessment of your net worth, protection plans, pensions, savings and investments, mortgages and estate planning and inheritance tax position.

After careful analysis we summarise these in terms of appropriateness, cost-effectiveness and efficiency and provide advice on wealth management, pension and retirement planning, investment portfolio management and estate preservation and inheritance tax planning.

At Sense Financial Solutions we follow a six step process




Identify Goals and Objectives

The starting point is to create a profile covering your personal circumstances, current financial situation and how you have arrived there. The more detail the better, because the clearer this picture of you and your finances is, the clearer the starting point of our journey

Gather Information

Next, we need to collect factual information. We will assemble all available data including details about your income and expenditure which is important to determine your disposable income. We will review all your existing financial products and investments (savings, pensions, ISAs, bonds, endowments, protection policies, mortgages etc).  

Prepare an Analysis

The next step is to analyse your current financial position and to fully review your existing policies and products.  We will consider your objectives to determine any shortfall between the goal and reality. This will enable us to clearly understand the journey you will need to travel in order to get to where you want to be.

Develop a Plan

We will develop and produce a plan which will cover your income, liabilities, protection issues, assets, investments, savings, pensions and estate planning considerations.  We will make recommendations as to how your existing finances can be utilised and will identify the cost of achieving your objectives and financial independence

Implement Your Plan

At this stage in the process we will agree with you what action needs to be taken to put you on track towards achieving your goals.  It may be that it is not possible to do everything at this time and we will help you to determine a strategy which will address your priorities in the short term

Review Your Plan Regularly

The final stage is to regularly review your plan and objectives and make modifications where appropriate.  Reviews normally take place annually but would occur more frequently if necessary. The overall aim of the financial planning process is to help you reach your destination in terms of tour financial goals.



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